Post deregulation of the Dairy industry in Australia

Robert Farr rbfarr at
Sun Apr 7 20:35:34 EDT 2002

Marc is right - it's the state and local gummits.  But - it's the
Federal gummit, too.

Anyone who thinks the Feds aren't in the pocket of agri-business hasn't
been keeping up with the GMO story(ies).

A personal tale.  An FDA inspector came to investigate my value-added
business, and admitted (after passing me) that he'd come out to shut me
down (he couldn't; not only are we clean, we keep very good records).
Why?  "The government doesn't have the resources to manage all the 'mom
and pop' businesses," he told me.  So - he admitted - his job wasn't to
help me comply, but to do all he could to find out where I wasn't
complying.  Not exactly helping the small business owner, now it?  (And
yes, we farm our products too.)

Another tale.  I left the defense industry several years ago.  During
the early Clinton/Gore years, the industry began to consolidate.  Why?
Not because of efficiencies (just look at Boeing to see how
consolidation has hurt the industry), but because the gummit didn't want
to manage multiple businesses.  It wanted five or so key contractors -
and wanted the contractors to manage the rest of the suppliers.  Sort of
like the fox guarding the chicken house, if you ask me.

So - the gummit helping the small guy?  Far from it.  The gummit
represents big industry who would like nothing better than to squash the
small guy, and increase its profits.  Big industry squashing the small
guy?  You bet.  Take a look at Wal Mart (who, BTW, is the biggest
purchaser of beef in the country).  They waltz in, keep prices low, put
the small businesses under, then raise prices.  It happens all over the
country.  Big business at its worst.

The government is not here to help you.  Not a chance.  Would that it
were -

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