Post deregulation of the Dairy industry in Australia

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Sun Apr 7 16:41:11 EDT 2002

There is no "government".

There is one Federal, 50 state and thousands of local

The Federal Government authorized small farm exemptions and
privileges years ago as a result of an intelligent multi
year major study around 30 years ago that clearly indicated
the demise of the small farm was underway and a desire to
counter the trend. THe feds have sunk billions in trying to
keep the small farmer alive.

So the Federal Government put it's money where it's mouth
was to support the small farmer. The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT has
codified PRO small farmer rules the big guys don't get to

The fact is the State and local governments have been the
small farmer's worst enemy.

At the state and local level increasing short sighted
ignorance and political orientation of the various ag and
code entities have devastated the small farmer. There is no
ONE reason but a plethora of reasons for ag hostile rules
and regs but basically greed, ignorance, politics and the
big one:

CONSUMER PROTECTION racketeering by the state department of
agriculture's and health departments. 

So don't look at Washington - look at your own home grown
state and local governments.

Marc Nameth

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