Post deregulation of the Dairy industry in Australia

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> I wonder all the time about this phenomenon

Well the industrialization of agriculture was put in affect with the 1995 
Farm bill and these is no way of of reversing what has happened until the 
governent comes in a breaks up the monoplys that has been created in the 
agricultural industry.   The prices that farmers recieve have nothing to do 
with supply and demand, it swings only on what one of three Corporation is 
willing to pay for a certain commodity, beings there is no competion they pay 
what they want.

We used to raise a lot of hogs until we lost all of our markets to this 
process, today there is only one market to sell to and they are basically by 
contract only.  I know a few people that still are rasing a few hogs without 
contract and they can only take them to a sale barn to sell and take 10 to 15 
dollars less than the market to sell them, but still no one in the goverment 
really cares.

The main purpose of the 95 Farm Bill was to reorganize agriculture so that 
they could shut down about hslf of their ASCS offices around the country by 
the year 2005 and save the goverment a ton of money., howerver their long 
range plans have changed a bit the main plan is still intact.  Some where 
around 2.8 mil farmers have been put out of business and this trend will 
continue as long as the money flows to the right pockets.

This is no phenomenon, is is and was a very carefully planned plan to remove 
the family farmer off the land and the change over to Corporate Agriculture 
so the government and the Banks have less people to deal with.  Our lenders 
in our area doesn't even feel there is a business to deal with unless you set 
up a Corporation so getting a loan is out of the question.

The Dairy issue sounds a lot like the dairy buy out we had in this country, 
where the government bought out cows to lower production rather than help 
some operator with some Value added project, DIDN' T  WORK.  Was a real mess 
and forced down cattle prices to 40 year low, many cattle producer went out 
of business with this government buyout.

I started farming in 1964 and have seen a lot of changes in this business 
some good and some bad, but the worst of all has been the government 
programs, they have killed the farmily farm and the good methods of 
substainable agriculture so the over production of Corporate Agriculture will 
win out, is a shame that we all stood by and let it happen, now I feel it is 
to late to try to reverse.

Phil from Iowa
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