deregluation and farm planning

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Fri Apr 5 08:51:13 EST 2002

Hi Trevor and Ron,

I work with broad range of family farmers and ranchers on business 
planning and management skills.  Especially on multi-generational 
operations, the inertia of decisions made in the past  and fear of 
losing what has been so hard won creates a paralysis.  I don't 
believe these farmers "don't see it coming,"  they're more quietly 
like deer caught in the headlights and doing what they've always done 
makes them feel less out out of control - more competent.

I start the dialog from family values, a phrase taken from us here in 
the US some 20+ years ago that I'm trying to help farm/ranch families 
reclaim.  Like the land and animals they care for, the values of each 
farm/ranch family are passed from generation to generation.  It is 
the recognition and reclaiming of these values that enables the 
farmers/ranchers to overcome their inertia, think outside their 
barns, and move forward with new visions for their operations.  Once 
we have developed our Farm Visions from Family Values, we can proceed 
with the development of a strategic plan to actualize and sustain 
those visions that is consistent with the family's values.

Marcie - wearing my FACTS hat

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