Post deregulation of the Dairy industry in Australia

jay gee jgj23 at
Thu Apr 4 18:39:22 EST 2002

Trevor N Schofield wrote:

>This generation of farmers cannot foresee the need for change in order to
>sustain their bussines. Value adding through diversification is beyond the
>perception of most dairy farmers.

Any generation of business people, be they buggy whip makers or dairy
farmers, that is unable or unwilling to address the need for immediate
behavioral change in order to protect their future viability, deserves
to reap what they have sewn for themselves 

>How do non farming strategic planning practitioners bridge the impasse? 

Some invest the time and effort in learning new tricks and opening
new opportunities for their firms.

Others attempt to influence human nature by "legislating against change,"
or seeking tariffs against competitive products.

Still others do nothing, preferring to lay blame at the feet of others and
sidestep responsibility for their own actions, including inaction.

If the planners you refer to are governmental, they should do little or
nothing and let Nature take its own course.  If they see a "need" to
protect people from themselves, they can create programs which
offer free education to those who need to change.

Jay Gee
not a farmer -- but interested in farming

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