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Fri Sep 28 19:34:43 EDT 2001

Again you used your tribal language and no one "got it".

A critical part of "reaching" people is to speak to them
where they are at. This the anti-war tribe continually fails
to do.

Whether it is pride or egocentrism or language challenge I
do not know.

What is taught in basic communication is to speak at your
audiences level.

"It is written from a worldview..." This is an abstract. An
abstract is well known to your tribe. If you want to speak
to another tribe you MUST use their language. Otherwise you
"preach to the choir". I don't think that was your purpose.

"..complete with blinders.." A "hot" judgement. When you
accuse of "blinders" it is a negative - a form of slander.
Most will tune you out. If you want to reach then a neutral,
happy or humerous tone works best to grab and hold

This is the downfall of the peaceniks. Too extreme. When the
peaceniks follow tried and true argument structure they will
gain ground - until then it will continue to be an uphill
struggle - just like hawks have. 

I am a peacenik Jill. I dreamed of a Secretary of Peace 40
years ago and wondered why we did not do it. It's because of
hate. Peaceniks hate as much as warniks. Both sides have
identical control, anger, hate and competitive desires far
departed from what will accomplish "the mission". The
mission is acceptance, tolerance, survival, hapiness,
conscious interdependence, cooperation, etc.

So every time you pen or speak something you cannot deny
your motivation if you want to overcome the baser parts of
it. Denial makes you become your enemy.

Also criticize your own tribe as ditto heads ... well you



Jill Taylor Bussiere wrote:
> Marc is  right, the site is without hype. But it is written from a worldview
> complete with blinders.  See
>  for a bit of what the
> blinders missed.
>                             Jill
> Marc wrote:
> > Well done web site without hype. Not farming related.
> >

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