"Martin's Wonder" Lima Beans

Ted Patterson patters at erols.com
Fri Sep 28 09:06:17 EDT 2001

Rohrer Seeds
P.O. Box 250
Smoketown, PA 17576

Marlin, I wonder if those limas are actually Dr. Martin's, a favorite pole
lima here in SE Pennsylvania (and listed in the Rohrer's catalog).
Folks offering the Dr. Martin's in the Seed Savers Exchange say the bean
needs a long, hot season.
Rohrers catalog includes heirloom varieties obtained in cooperation with
the Landis Valley farm museum association, just north of Lancaster.
Let us know the results of your seed detective work.

At 6:03 PM -0400 9/27/01, Marlin L Burkholder wrote:
>Last year I noticed some interesting lima beans growing in the garden of
>one of the old order Mennonite families living near us....[snip]
>I asked several persons about seed sources and one mentioned a family
>owned company named "Rohrer's" located in the Lancaster County PA area
>but couldn't supply a more definate address.  Apparently this company
>carries a number of heirloom varieties of vegetables passed around among
>Mennonite and Amish in that area.  I would like to get my hands on a copy
>of their catalog or possibly a mailing address if anyone has it.

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