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 Marc and Jill,
If they are not farming related, then why do you continue to post these items.  PLEASE once again, start a new list...easy to do just go to YAHOO as just one example. start your list, then notify this list of the existence of the new list.  You can then have your discussions and debates freely not shoving it down my face.  I came to the computer to read my e-mail and get away from the terrorist subject for a few minutes and it is once again impossible.  Thanks in advance, because I know you will now follow the guidelines of this list, if you can't do that then how can you possibly expect to get along with people of the world that you don't know or understand at this point?

Sandy Dovala
  Jill Taylor Bussiere <jdt at> wrote: Marc is right, the site is without hype. But it is written from a worldview
complete with blinders. See for a bit of what the
blinders missed.
Marc wrote:
> Well done web site without hype. Not farming related.

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