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Del Williams delannw at
Wed Sep 26 20:09:37 EDT 2001

I thought Jay's idea was a good one.  If you get an error message during
transmission it allows you to stop the entire process of sending out endless
emails.  I haven't 'contracted' the new virus so I don't actually know how
it works.  The solution that Jay offered seemed to be simple and, I think,
elegant enough as a method for thwarting this type of virus.  And they are
common enough.   Anyone remember the kakworm?  I got it.  And it is the only
virus I have ever had on my machines.  I run Norton Anti-Virus and a very
happy with their product...have been with Norton for years.  When I got the
kakworm I neglected to allow my machine to do its normally scheduled Sunday
morning update.  I now update twice a week.  With the current political
situation I think we need to be a little more observant.

For what it is worth (and I know this has nothing to do with market
farming), our machines are valuable for our work and for our access to the
world of people of similar or related interests.  I don't think of this as
an off-list topic.  Even though I haven't been farming much this year, I
have followed the posts and I would hate to see you folks receiving bogus
emails to infect your machines because I have some of you in my Outlook
Express address book.

Del Williams
Farmer in the Del

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