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hello, looking for some information regarding insurance at farmers markets:
the chamber of commerce has an "umbrella" policy that would "loosely" cover
us "if" something happened..not too sure about it all, as it's quite murky,
but was wondering if anyone of you out there ascribe to a policy, what the
specifics are, and, as always, how much does it cost... any help is
certainly appreciated, as we would hate to "lose the farm" over someone
hurting themselves, etc..thanks tk

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Been sick, out of town, and Nimda-struck---finally caught up on all the
In spite of the intelligent, thought provoking posts concerning the WTC &
terrorists, take this thread to another list.  Enough is enough.
As for Jay Gee's recommendations to thwart viruses via a fake email addy in
your address book--this is bogus.  The virus will just go on to the next
contact or contacts from existing emails sitting in your in box.  The only
surefire way to stop viruses and worms is through virus protection software.

Back to marketfarming....
Liz Pike
Laughing Brook Farm
Westfield NC
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