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    have you looked at Harkin's proposed ag policy?  i think it sounds good.  I'm not familiar with an in-depth green party farm policy.  would be interested in seeing a proposal.  the green party platform on ag that I seen last fall was pretty vague.  Also seemed a little too idealistic.  Don't get me wrong I like the idealism they have, but I didn't see any thing there that was realistic.  

I know the importance of modern agriculture to the economic health of the us and of the world.  I'm afraid the green party would destroy the economy in one huge depression.  Again I've not seen any specifics though so I may be wrong.  I think commodity crop production is important to this nation, and that we shouldn't destroy the existing system, merely redirect it into a more sustainable--yet economical viable--system. 

I do believe that the green party policy--if they have a true one--couldn't be much worse than the one the house just passed though. 

wonderful topic..look forward to your comments.
      Having looked at several political party's agricultural platforms =
  this last election, I noticed that the Democratic and Republican =
  platforms, although somewhat different, were not very different.  Both =
  support large agribusiness.  Clinton worked with Monsanto.

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