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Wed Sep 26 08:39:21 EDT 2001

Liz Pike wrote:

>As for Jay Gee's recommendations to thwart viruses via
> a fake email addy in your address book--this is bogus.
>The virus will just go on to the next contact or contacts
> from existing emails sitting in your in box.

The method described works only to slow the spread
of worms using MS Outlook or Outlook Express.
It worked until the Nimda virus struck which includes
a write-around for this particular method.

>The only surefire way to stop viruses and worms
> is through virus protection software.  

Anti-virus software only works to protect your
computer if it is updated constantly, and paid
service extensions are purchased annually.

An easier way to defeat MS Outlook targeted
e-mails is to use a different e-mail program.

An excellent, FREE program which qualifies for
Windows users is PegasusMail.  Download it from:

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