Noam Chomsky (AKA Bugs & Cold Weather)

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Tue Sep 25 22:48:01 EDT 2001

Great idea! USDA in our area are oblivious to anything around them so I
should be clear to order the weather. :)

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> In Colorado here we found if we lowered the temperature to
> under 0 degrees F for a week over the entire farm and
> surrounding few hundred miles it really lowers the amount of
> bugs - especially grasshoppers - that year. It works so well
> we schedule it in January.
> I'm not sure if the the USDA will allow you to do it in
> Mississippi so maybe someone has some other ideas cause I'm
> drawing a blank beyond the cold?? :>
> Vic & Pat wrote:
> >
> > Of course we do, don't we? We grew tomatoes for the pigs, watermelon for
> > horses and bugs for the chickens. They were all happy!
> >
> > Speaking of bugs and all other creepy things...we had a really cold
> > last year (for Mississippi) and had more bugs this year than even the
> > chickens could eat!  Is there anything we can do over winter to help get
> > of them?
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