market-farming digest: September 24, 2001

sora sora at
Tue Sep 25 16:44:43 EDT 2001

In response to nose-dives at the Farmer's Market----quite the contrary.  The local Farmer's Market has become a place where the whole community can come to share grief, fear and joy.We all feel that if anything good has come about it is the open disscussions among strangers.Perhaps by sharing information, food and love ----We can find the sane route to Peace.

In response to the Deer problem---We've had sucess with human hair, urine and blood meal around the perimeters.  Blood meal must be reapplied after a rain (which we have seen none of)  Dogs help a lot but must be on patrol 24 hours/day.  We've also had luck with Dial soap hung in the smaller fruit trees.  It's a continual battle but I consider the deer, gophers, mice, frost---all are blessings of getting to live in the country and
escape the terror of the cities world-wide. By continuing to Grow , we show by example just what our country has veered so far away from.........

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