Noam Chomsky

jay gee jgj23 at
Mon Sep 24 18:04:37 EDT 2001

More chickens...
this time with parkas...
(or sweaters or jackets)

"out of the box" Jay

Marc wrote:

In Colorado here we found if we lowered the temperature to
under 0 degrees F for a week over the entire farm and
surrounding few hundred miles it really lowers the amount of
bugs - especially grasshoppers - that year. It works so well
we schedule it in January.

I'm not sure if the the USDA will allow you to do it in
Mississippi so maybe someone has some other ideas cause I'm
drawing a blank beyond the cold?? :>
>>>>Vic & Pat wrote:

 Speaking of bugs and all other creepy things...we had a really cold winter
 last year (for Mississippi) and had more bugs this year than even the
 chickens could eat!  Is there anything we can do over winter to help get rid
 of them?

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