Noam Chomsky

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Mon Sep 24 20:47:17 EDT 2001

There is no fray unless one is trying to dominate.

I cannot disagree with the true history of a language. True
History is static. Truth is constant everywhere. It exists
with or without mankind.

But history under mankind's management is not truth. It's
contents are as dynamic as the bias and communicative
ability of the person using it. History is a movie on a fog
of different biases. Your perception is your truth. Your
bias is anti-war. Your movie screen is a fog to me since I
cannot share your minds eye.

You could take years explaining to me the reason
pacification only means murder. I would not agree as I do
know in great detail what the metaphor "pacification" means
and I do not give ownership or truth to the anti-war tribe.

"Pacification" is not the concretized metaphor the anti-war
tribe uses. It is a dynamic management concept. The
management is eclectic. We cannot communicate since your
tribe has concretized the metaphor. It's "in the box" that
belongs to the anti-war tribe. 

I have no problem with that but your tribe chooses isolation
and isolation implies incest. Incestuous thinking leads to
birth defects.

> Marc,
>     You have been drawn into the fray:^)
>     Is it the history of the language that you disagree with, or the facts
> of past pacification tactics that you disagree with?
>                                         Jill

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