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Mon Sep 24 14:41:11 EDT 2001

Robert Jensen and Rahul Mahajan do not adhere to boring
rules of logic and truth testing in their paper so this
seems to be a tabloid level article designed to sell - not

Their first paragraph:  Sensationalist fear-based headline
to grab a target audience.

The major premise:  Rumsfeld is quoting Mao including
intent. This is a fantastic "leap of faith". (In reality the
saying "drain the swamp" is an IDIOM that is as old as dirt.
Mao was quoting someone else.) Exciting and addictive.

The logic to support the usual anti-war degrading slanders
are, as usual, totally missing. Why draining the swamp MUST
be a violent thing is amazing.

The authors just go on a tangent of nasty events as
peaceniks seem to enjoy hearing. In the box article.
National Enquirer quality level. It's a tabloid product -
not a scholarly paper.

As I said before about anyone with any power or

Jill Taylor Bussiere wrote:
> Marc,
>     See below.  This language being used reminds me of ...

> > No one with any power or credibility has indicated we are
> > going to or want to
> > practice scorched earth, carpet bombing, mass invasion,
> > extreme violence or
> > any other extreme silly thing.
> >
> > Marc Nameth

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