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Mon Sep 24 12:31:49 EDT 2001

I am sorry your circle of acquaintances have as a focus the
using every last drop of oil and avoiding alternative energy
sources. I suggest you come join the mainstream centrist
population of our great world and get away from those folks.
They are NOT informed.

The use, recycling and distribution of renewable energy has
been increasing steadily. For an example just a year or two
ago in many places used oil. Grease and stuffs that could be
used for winter heating , synthetic diesel fuel creation or
whatever was free for the taking and you had to pay to get
it hauled away.

Nowadays the reports from my compadres out there in email
land are epidemic that there's a shortage of waste oil and
grease OF ANY KIND due to recycling.

Solar electricity is decreasing in price as the production
for the products used to make it is increasing. Additionally
exciting research is coming up with more efficient solar

Wind generators are springing up in such numbers local and
migratory birds are having problems. The US government has
invested heavily in wind power research.

Geothermal energy use has skyrocketed. Well drilling
companies have converted their operations drastically to the
point where in some parts of the countries it's extremely
difficult to get a water well drilled.

Alcohol production has skyrocketed to the point that some
farmers produce nothing but Alcohol basis.

The alcohol is a common additive in gasoline today in
certain places.

Electric hybrid and fully electric cars are a reality.

Ultra efficient low pollution batteries are a reality.

etc. etc.

Get away from those unrenewable depressing folks!

C'mon out and play!!

The truth is we are going to renewable energy! Just not
right this second. Stay informed about progress. Exciting
things are happening in your lifetime, in the near future
and right now!!

Marc Nameth

>> In a message dated 09/24/2001 6:54:20 AM Eastern Daylight Time, css at writes: 

>>   I was told there is enough oil under Petroleum reserve number four (navy 
>>   reserves) to function for almost a hundred years. 

> In the grand scheme of things, 100 years is but a millisecond.  There are not endless > oil reserves, and it's unfortunate that our focus remains on using every last
> drop we can find instead of on using less energy and finding alternative energy > sources.

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