Leigh's World Of Peace and Harmony

Kane, Tracy TKane at peacehealth.org
Sun Sep 23 21:35:51 EDT 2001

Hi, thank you for your reply, may I second it?? I'm so over-whelmed by what
I see on the news, read in the papers, hear at work with my co-workers, that
when I read my e-mail I look forward to the blessed relief from it all, and
just want to learn more about marketing, farming, growing food- not
bombs...thanks for listening. Also, our little market was slow the past 2

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Hello everyone.
Please get a grip.
Please return the list to a market-farming list.
Please be kind and gentle.
There is enough stress and now it is time to practice other ways of being.
Thank you.
(getting tired of so many angst-ridden off-topic messages).
Judy Tiger
Washington, DC

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