"Minor" subdivisions of land

marc at aculink.net marc at aculink.net
Sun Sep 23 16:11:36 EDT 2001

Thanks Bob. We already have a farm flight in CO and we are
part of it. As soon as we sell this place we're OUTTA HERE!!
We have no hope that long term farm plannning means a hoot
since it's this constant drumbeat of unreimbursed
confiscatory legislation efforts from the environmentalists,
animal rights, democrats, recreationalists, socialists,
endangered specises, consumer protection, urban zoning,
health department etc. fanatics. At least the developers pay
a fair price. We have a new location selected and we're not

Marc Nameth

sunnfarm at netscape.net wrote:
> Another wrinkle in your farm preservation program that you will soon see in Colorado is what we are fighting over in NJ, we finally have a stable 10 year funding of 100 ...

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