The terror in (horrible) context

Hugh Jordan hjordan at
Sun Sep 23 13:46:39 EDT 2001


Why is it OK for right wingers to use rhetorical name calling, and the other
side can't? Please look at the post I was replying to.


PS Also you replied to my statements with opinion and rhetoric and did not
refute my statements. You can't change the past but you sure as hell can
learn from it. We can avoid our destruction by learning from the past, not
perpetually making the same mistakes over and over again.

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> Hugh Jordan wrote:
> > Better to be a peacenik than a head in the sand
> > ignoramus who is part of the problem.  <SNIP>
> Better still to be informed on on all aspects of the
> problem and recognize the difference between
> working for Peace as opposed to abiding your own
> destruction.

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