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I fenced 17 acres with 48" net field wire and topped that with 5 strands of
barbed wire [from existing fence] spaced at 4,6,8,10, and 12 inches.  The
first year I had 6 get in in the course of the season and had minimal
damage.  Since then I'll still may get one end one in a great while but with
very little damage.  Expensive but Trying to farm with baited electric
fences worked till it got dry then I'd have 15 to 20 coming thru and wiping
out a different crop every night I didn't stay in the field.  I sleep alot
better now.
Hairston Creek Farm
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> The national zoo has a animal research facility sort of near us -
> with 12 foot fences topped with barbed wire.  Occasionally, the local
> deer have been found on the wrong side of even their fences.
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