"Minor" subdivisions of land

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Sun Sep 23 13:06:57 EDT 2001

Another wrinkle in your farm preservation program that you will soon see in Colorado is what we are fighting over in NJ, we finally have a stable 10 year funding of 100 million dollars a year to preserve the 8000 small family farms and stop urban sprall and preserve 2 million acres of forest and wetlands but as a concession to city folk we had to give them 60% of the cash to preserve green spaces like public parks leaving us with 40% to preserve farms, the city folks are now saying we dont diserve 40% because the money only goes to a few 8000 families, for every one acre of city space saved we could save one family farm, thats what the intent of the program was all about in the first place, goodluck in Colorado...Bob.
Sunny Meadow Farm
Bridgeton, NJ.

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