URGENT! ANWR drilling tied to Defense Authorization Bill

Kevin Ancell kancell at goodearthgardens.com
Sun Sep 23 08:53:13 EDT 2001

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> (If I offend with this posting, then please accept my apology in advance,
> but the issue is too grave and the time too short for me not to spread the
> word about this situation the only way I knew that would reach the
> number of folks the most quickly.

> I have it on good authority that Oklahoma's Senator Inhofe has attached a
> rider to the Defense Authorization Bill that would allow the proposed
> drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Preserve to take place.

The Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act (ANILCA) , finalized in
December of 1980, designated the 1.5 million acre Coastal Plain within ANWR
a study area, to be evaluated for its oil and gas development potential. The
resource evaluation, conducted by the Department of Interior, was released
in 1987 and recommended that Congress open the Coastal Plain for oil and gas
exploration and development. Since then, Alaska's Congressional delegation,
our Governors and State Legislature's have been working toward that end. In
1995, the U.S. House and Senate approved Coastal Plain Development as part
of a balanced budget act, but the entire measure was vetoed by President

The U.S.A. will in short order start exploration of ANWR. The oil and most
of all the Natural Gas is needed. You will see estimates from the Anit-Oil
Folks saying that there really isn't much oil in ANWR to help. You will also
see Pro-Oil Folks saying it has more oil than estimated by the best
geologist. It is somewhere in between. National Security will take
precedence over objections of the environmental concerns.

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