Pepper eating deer!!

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Sat Sep 22 21:05:28 EDT 2001

       I am amazed at what variety they ate this year.  I grew 21 different 
types.  Hot in one area and mild sweet in another, just for clarification.  
The dear deer decided to eat the Nippon Taka Thai.  Skipped the others.  Ate 
the top of the plants and the peppers off the plant.  Another amazing fact of 
their selection is that I planted an extra plant of this variety in a 
different part of the garden and they found it there!
       The plants were planted behind a tightly woven wire fence to prevent 
the rabbits from snipping.  Deer tracks were next to the fence.  The deer did 
this last year to my Brandywine tomatoes. 
       Neighbor said they were migrant deer.
That's all the damage this year from deer. 
good harvest of peppers though
Mary Mary

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