Five Reasons Not to Go to War part 2

Jill Taylor Bussiere jdt at
Sat Sep 22 20:38:06 EDT 2001

    If I thought war would end terrorism, I would have entirely different
arguments with you. I hear you saying that the lives lost are worth the
gains.  But yet, I hear you saying that we wouldn't gain an end to
terrorism.  So, what would we gain, in your opinion, by going to war?  We
have learned different lessons from history, apparently, because from all I
have learned, war would not be effective - no matter how few or how many
lives are lost.

    It isn't because I don't have courage that I don't want war - it is
because it isn't effective, in my understanding.

    And, for me, if something is wrong for one person to do - then the
equivalent is wrong for another person to do.

    I do think there are causes worth dying for - democracy, and I mean
democracy for all, not just those in the US - is worth fighting for.  But I
use different methods than you are advocating.  Direct action, organizing,
informing myself and others, writing and dialoguing in the public forum -
all of which are getting more and more dangerous these days, are the methods
I use. The difference is that I am not willing to kill innocents in order to
continue to support The Empire - which is the US.

    I, like you, hope the world comes together and says "No more" to
terrorists and imperialists - all who kill and repress, and use others'
lives for their own empowerment and wealth.  And, in fact, I work toward
that end.  But, as I have explained before, the vision I have of the world
coming together is for the US and other nations to all submit to UN, World
Court, and other initiatives for the greater good.  I see all nations coming
together to stop  terrorism against the US and by the US.  I see them coming
together, and seeking out those terrorist networks with their various
intelligence networks, presenting evidence in a world forum, and passing
sentence.  I see the nations of the world and its people coming together and
insisting that the US follow international law.

    This I have been very clear on, Ed.

    I have some questions for you, though - why are you so insistant upon
war?  If the world comes together in the way that we both agree it
should....and we, as you probably know, have been one of the biggest
impediments to world organizations with any power.....why do you want so
much to go to war?  Is it for punishment?  That is the part that I don't
get.  We both agree it is ineffective for ending terrorism, and in addition,
it probably won't even get the particular network of terrorists that we are
looking for - so why do it?  In addition, we will be guilty of killing more
innocents than we have recently lost.  Does that even the score?  To me,
that only adds to the loss.

    In the case of Nazi Germany or some similar such, I think also there
could be many other tactics that could work - perhaps when and if our
current crisis is past, we can discuss what they might be - I feel more
focussed on finding solutions for this particular situation right now -
which I think you probably can understand.

                        Thank you for continuing the discussion, Ed -  I'm
glad you don't hate me:^)


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