PART 3 Re: Bomb them with butter, bribe them with hope.

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Sat Sep 22 12:44:55 EDT 2001

THIS  IS  PART  3  of  3  PARTS

Jill Taylor Bussiere concluded:

JG>> There are also bad people in the US, even in positions of influence.
>> Complicity goes without saying and is the bedfellow of complacency.
JTB>Again, you can't have it both ways.  If Afghani people are "complicit" in
>your eyes, and deserve to be killed, then we deserve the same.  This is not
>my belief, but rather an exploration of consistency within your beliefs.   I
>would not advocate for killing either groups of "complicit" people.

The Afghani people have been warned to deliver up Bin Laden and
his associates.  I'm sure word has traveled among ordinary Afghans
in Bin Ladin's proximity.  If they choose to stay around after a warning
of military action, they suffer the same fate by the exercise of free choice.
It is obvious that the Talliban is not stopping ordinary Afghanis from
leaving populous areas of that country if you have been following the

>> To stop a fire you remover the oxygen, lower the temperature below
>> the ignition point (apply water), or remove the fuel.  The last option
>> means destroying the house.  I recommend the first or second options.
>> The first two options, in effect, "kill" the fire; the last one merely
>> "starves" it to death.
>Jay, if you study the situation,  and look beyond your goals of revenge, we
>may find that we share some goals here.  I will put forth the goals that I
>am working towards, and you put the goals you are working towards, and we
>will see if we can find some common ground.

This is not about revenge.

This is a reasoned response to a real threat which has been allowed
 to continue due to a previous lack of action on our part.

Jill suggested the appropriate response is to:
>1.  Apprehend those responsible for the destruction of the WTC the Pentagon,
>and the plane that crashed in Pa.  (Here, we will need to carefully define
>responsible, or we get into the stickiness of complicity, and get into a
>"holy" war of our own.)

What about those who bombed U.S. embassies in separate African
nations and killed hundreds of locals in addition the the U.S. embassy

>2.   Work to make the world a safer place for all - safe from unexpected and
>unjust attacks.

Killing off these particular terrorists is a good start in that direction.

What about safety for freedom of thought?
Equal freedoms for men and women?

>3.  Follow the UN rules made to live together in peace.  (Which we broke and
>are still breaking in our treatment of Iraq, for one out of many examples)

When the leaders of all nations choose to treat their own people
in keeping with the lofty goals of U.N. rules, I'm sure ours will do

>4.  Submit ourselves to the jurisdiction of the World Court.

When the various peoples of the world share the same
values and beliefs, a common system of jurisprudence
makes sense.  For now, the only valid use for the World
Court is to mediate boundary and commercial disputes
among nations.

Be well,

Jay Gee
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