Five Reasons Not to Go to War part 2

Cynthia A. Norton hmdrawrod at
Sat Sep 22 19:33:02 EDT 2001

Jill: I am sure this has affected you and everyone else on this list. My
point is: At what point is it worth going to war? How many lives? We are at
6500+. 60,00? 600,000?, 6,000,000, 60,000,000 pick a number. Will it be
important that we as a people survive. I am a veteran of Vietnam, I was
against that war and every war since. The exception I always held was when
we were directly threatened. Show your colors was WWll worth going to war?
They were only French, British,Poles, and Jews. Should we have stayed out?
How many Jews should have been gassed before you would have said this is
worth it. I am not saying go in and cook Afghanistan and everything that
You say war will not stop are right. That can only be done
when the world comes together and says "no more". The IRA, PLO, and all
other terrorist organizations must go. Do you believe the PLO will stop if
Israel gives up more land? Stop and we move closer to peace the
terror rises..more car bombs, more dynamite strapped to children. Why?
Because terrorism gives SMALL people BIG power. If there was peace they
would be SMALL.
   I especially liked your Gandhi comparison..Do we emulate India a weakened
country ravaged by disease and oppressed by the British, and turn the other
cheek? Because both you and I know that When terrorism sees the bad press
they are getting for degrading us over and over again, they will give in and
leave us alone. Their treatment of the noble Americans will be their
  As far as seeing the world through their eyes, I can't. And I don't
believe you can either. I don't feel the need to board an Afghan airline
take over the plane and plow into a village full of their people. Your
statement reminds me of growing up in E.New York, that's (Brooklyn), and
going to work in some fairly wealthy peoples homes on Long Island. I would
be shocked as I heard them talk of how it is growing up in the ghetto. And
how I can't understand the tremendous pressures on inner city youths to
commit violent crimes. (E. New York was as big a ghetto as there is). The
implication was I was white so therefore I couldn't understand.
Jill, please understand I don't hate you or anyone else and I am sure your
heart is in the right place, but is there ever a time when it is worth
fighting for? I agree that beating the war drums serves politicians desires
to get re-elected. As few have any qualms about sending our children to
their death. As Americans we have been insulated from war and have used the
tricks of technology to further withdraw from harsh reality. Pres. Clinton
on the eve. of Impeachment sent tomahawk missiles hurtling through space to
Bin Laden's,(sic) training camps. Most people thought that was OK. Not I. If
he was worth taking out then we should have sent someone to do the dirty
work. If you don't have the stomach for a sting or two, then leave the wasp
nest alone.
 As for Mr. Blake: My name is Ed Clifford, (Cynthia Norton is my Ex-wife), I
am using Cynthia's account while I am staying at her apartment in NYC. She
works in the WTC #1 103 fl. , no she's not missing. She was thankfully on
vacation in Hawaii, and is now at her mother's house. Again Mr. Blake can
you answer..What is worth fighting for? And tell me looking through their
eyes how do you justify what they did. Allot of people seem to have that
notion that with empathy all things are possible.
I am going to sleep now, I will spend the next several days at the site.
I'll be unable to respond untill next Fri or Sat.

To you or anyone else who takes personal offense to my directed comments,
don't. I have my beliefs and you have yours, don't assume I am steeped in
ignorance I am not. My parents raised me to be God fearing and docile, I am
not a killer. My opinions of the world have been formed through life
experiance. I don't hold any race or nationality responsible for any
tradgedy, but I kind of hoped that they would return the favor.

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