no poultry deliveries via air

Sat Sep 22 19:18:50 EDT 2001

For those of you who are involved in a pastured poultry business and usually 
receive your day old chicks via the US postal service, the airlines are not 
accepting live chicks for delivery.  I am not sure of the rationale behind 
this, as they are accepting live crickets, frogs, and honey bees.  Several of 
our local producers have checked into this, and were unable to have chicks 
shipped via air.  Our local pastured poultry group is extremely concerned, 
and has begun contacting our state and US officials. If this policy remains 
in effect until next spring, it has the potential to put many small producers 
out of business.  Please contact your officials and question the right of the 
federally funded FAA to allow this to happen.
Thanks for your help.
Homestead Farms

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