fall gardening

Jeffery Blake echoecho at bedford.heartland.net
Sat Sep 22 14:28:26 EDT 2001

.  I'm thinking wheat would smother
> out weeds wouldn't it?

Wheat will smother summer weeds, at least until harvest time--then the
stunted weeds will come on.

Winter annuals continue to be a problem in wheat fields.

I have been seeding wheat in September, then broadcasting red clover in
February (frost-seeding) over the wheat.

the clover springs to life after the wheat harvest and also helps to control
weeds as well as building soil nitrogen.

I mow the clover for hay the following spring, then turn it under the next
year, but a wheat straw, clover green manure turned under the following
spring would be a lot of organic matter.

Mowing the wheat stubble in July/august after the wheat harvest would
continue to help weed suppression--maybe again later--and will help the
clover take over.

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