Five Reasons Not to Go to War part 2

Jeffery Blake echoecho at
Sat Sep 22 14:17:34 EDT 2001

Mr. norton has listed a number of emotional reasons to go to war against an

I think most people--of all moral, ethical, and political persuasions--feel
these same emotional pulls.

Thankfully--hopefully--and necessarily, decisions such as these cannot be
made on an emotional basis.  Nations, and leaders of nations must make
intelligent, informed rational decisions that take all aspects of the
situation into consideration.

Will a nice bloody war make us 'feel' better?
Will it cause even more loss of innocent life?  American and foreign?
Will accomplish any one of our goals?
What are our goals?

Whatever the answer to these questions, I hope that our government answers
with the the broadest understanding of the foreign situation possible.

I'm not pointing any fingers, but I know many people--americans--have no
understanding of even the basic situation in the rest of the world. Many
americans have an egocentric world view and live in a secluded fantasy world
in this american island of self-gratification.
I'm probably no better than average myself.  I have spent time in foreign
countries and through both the military and the university system, met and
befriended many non-americans.  It is intensly thought provoking to attempt
to see the world through their eyes.

Problems of this magnitude(middle-east foregin policy--and the WTC bombing)
don't have an simple, easy answer.  If it seems clear cut and easy to any of
you--then you are probably not informed enough.

Again i hope we use ration and information to make these decisions--Not
emotion.  Yet we must understand emotion--both that tugging at us americans
and that pulling at the inhabitants of the middle-east and south asia.

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