Deer Problem

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Sat Sep 22 14:21:06 EDT 2001

We too had a huge deer problem until we bought 2 Great Pyrennees this year.
They're a great family dog, the kids are in dog 4-H with them so they're
learning obedience and doing well.  The baby can crawl all over them but
deer and coyotes beware!
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Date: Saturday, September 22, 2001 9:12 AM
Subject: [market-farming] Deer Problem

>God bless the Pyrennes guardian dog, he not only keeps the deer out but
>protects the orchard from the bear as well.  He has also run off the
>neighbours' horses, cattle, and goats when necessary.  The downside is he
>"knows" his job and doesn't take to discipline much.
>Don Maroc
>Vancouver Island, Canada
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