Five Reasons Not to Go to War part 2

Cynthia A. Norton hmdrawrod at
Sat Sep 22 10:25:14 EDT 2001

 Another reason not to go to war....Because these "Freedom Fighters", or
"Misguided Gentlemen", will see the horror they have committed and change
their ways. Maybe they will volunteer to hand out Government cheese and

 Another reason: It wasn't ,"Me" involved in the tragedy. No one I know was
killed. And after all I'm a farmer, what's the chance that these "good
misguided people", hurting , Me" or someone I know. Even if they disperse
Anthrax or set off a nuclear bomb in NY, or LA, it won't affect , "ME". My
son/daughter might be asked to defend this country and that would affect

   Maybe they will just go away! They "Just killed a bunch of Greedy people
in NYC, destroyed a symbol of capitalism. That's it. They won't do any
further harm. And then "We" can shrug off this minor inconvenience in our
lives and get back to the important business of our important lives. Hey I
sent $20.00 to the Red Cross, what else do they want!
 I'm more than a little disturbed by the pacifism on this list. Do we really
think it's over? Do you believe that it was not an act of war? Or can you
not bear to see those aluminum caskets at the airforce base. At what time
will you hear the Call to arms? Will you ever hear it? I know 8 carpenters
whom I used to work with, they are amongst the missing. A fireman is missing
from my church. Countless souls who I have met briefly during the course of
my time in NYC.
  I am now in the Mohawk Valley in NYS, trying to grow a living from the
soil. Until the 11th of Sept., very content to have left behind the crowded
streets and congestion of Manhattan. After the 11th I was drawn back, to the
place of my birth. They don't need a middle aged carpenter in the ruins, but
I need to be there, nearby, just in case they do.
  I suppose when they hit Middle of the Country, USA with a biological
weapon, the panic will hit. Terror will fill the heartland. People will fill
the streets gasping. The phone lines to Wall street will ring, but no one
will answer, they will need money to fight this war, but their will be none.
Who will come to your aid?
  I am not saying that everyone is a coward that does not wish to go to war.
We need debate. More important than that is If not war, then what is a good
response? Money sent to the Red Cross is fine, Money allocated by Congress
to rebuild NY is Great. Candle burning, flag waving, and emotional speeches
are all well and good, but what We as Americans need to do is Stand Up, look
our enemies in the eye, and say NO! No more. You will not rejoice when my
brothers and sisters jump to their death to escape a fiery death. You will
not fire your automatic weapons in the air when over 6000 countrymen are so
crushed and incinerated that their very bodies become the dust and grit that
the rescue workers are breathing. And laugh while you can because we are
coming for you, we will punish and avenge this act.
  Stand behind the president, pray for God's guidance. Encourage the
Military, let them know we are with them in spirit. We don't want a massacre
of innocent civilians, but look at what has already happened here. Some
innocents will die. It is up to the people in those countries to stand up to
their oppressive regimes and tell them, No we will not be part of these
barbaric acts. These "innocents", bear some culpability. God Bless.

Ed Clifford

Shale Rock Farm

Mohawk Valley, NY

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