The terror in (horrible) context -- Part 1

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Sat Sep 22 02:29:29 EDT 2001

Hugh Jordan wrote:
> Better to be a peacenik than a head in the sand ignoramus who is part of the
> problem. The present US terrorism problem is the result of the US not
> acknowledging the terrorism it has funded, and terrorists it has trained.
> Bin Laden is one of its graduates, trained and set up in Afghanistan by the
> CIA.
> If Bush was genuinely interested in ending terrorism, the first thing he
> would do is to close one of the largest terrorist training centers in the


Looks like your side is winning Hugh.

Berkeley, CA's Removal of U.S. Flags From Firetrucks Sparks

Weekend News Today 
Lead: faith 
Source: LA Times 

Fri Sep 21,2001 -- The stars and stripes, yes, our very
American flag, became a center of sad controversy in
Berkeley on Thursday when city administrators removed
American flags from all firetrucks. Citing the banners as a
possible irritant to some who live in this diverse and
historically opinionated city, Berkeley City Manager
Weldon Rucker ordered them removed. Officials said they were
trying to avoid a repeat of violence that occurred during
the Persian Gulf War in 1991, when demonstrators
hurled rocks and bottles at city firetrucks sporting
American flags. This week, the flag atop the Berkeley post
office was burned in an anonymous act of protest, they said. 

But, Mayor Shirley Dean and many firefighters are outraged,
saying the flag's image has been sullied by its removal, and
the mayor calls it "flat-out wrong."
For 10 days, many firefighte...

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