Bomb them with butter, bribe them with hope.

Jill Taylor Bussiere jdt at
Sat Sep 22 00:55:04 EDT 2001

Jay wrote:
> The average politician is not interested in doing what IS RIGHT,
> s/he is interested in doing what the people who get him/her
> elected believe is right

> Before we can change our foreign policies and commercial
> system to a more world equitable one, we have to change
> the people who govern us and we have to focus on ourselves.

    I very much agree with what you have written and I have copied above.
For both reasons, I make sure to contact my representatives as well as
dialogue with as many people who are willing, as well as do research to
learn more about the problem at hand (whatever it is), as well as find
avenues to make information available, as well as do direct actions.

    In addition, I work towards proportional representation, because in our
current system, our options are limited to corporately funded candidates.
Not entirely, of course, but for the most part.  The tools of proportional
representation would remedy some of the problems we are having with our
current elections system.


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