The terror in (horrible) context -- Part 1

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Sat Sep 22 00:32:40 EDT 2001

Better to be a peacenik than a head in the sand ignoramus who is part of the
problem. The present US terrorism problem is the result of the US not
acknowledging the terrorism it has funded, and terrorists it has trained.
Bin Laden is one of its graduates, trained and set up in Afghanistan by the

If Bush was genuinely interested in ending terrorism, the first thing he
would do is to close one of the largest terrorist training centers in the
world, the School of the Americas. Graduates have killed tens of thousands
of innocent people. The families and loved ones of those slain have the same
feelings and thoughts as the loved ones and families of the WTC victims.
Until the American people recognize that truth, terrorism will increase, no
matter how many people are killed and money is spent on a war on terrorism.


PS I am struck by how few right wingers think for themselves. I hear them
parroting all the same phrases, in their name calling and rhetoric, like
right wing chatty Cathies.

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> Larry sounds like a refuge from the 60's anti-war peacenik
> movement. His article is standard black and white
> liberal/socialist peacenik
> USA bashing stuff. Nothing new here but hey, freedom of
> speech so I'd defend his right to say it by murdering
> innocent terrorists who would try to shut him up by killing
> him...
> Marc Nameth

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