Avoid Religion, Sex, Politics and Conventional Farming

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Fri Sep 21 20:23:11 EDT 2001

Leigh wrote:
> Is there any market farming going on out there or has this list
> turned into the kind of place kooks
So if someone does not share your philosophy you call them
personal names with direct and personal demeaning.

> like Marc and Kevin work out
> their insecurities
> by calling people names.
And what names were those? Did you take offense when I
expressed my abbreviated political analysis of Larry
Mosqueda's slanderous tirade? You will not find a personal
and vicious tirade in any of my posts. That people do not
share your political philosophy does not mean they are

> Hey guys, next time you
> want to call names,
That people do not share your political views does not mean
they are calling names.

> go out and pull some weeds.  A good place to work
> out your hostilities.
I have rarely seen the level of hostility you seem to be
displaying in on this list server. Maybe Kevin got close
once when he was angry at me but he stayed pretty
intellectual even though there was some unfortunate sarcasm
and condescension but that's Kevin. There is no doubt he
likes green things. I don't recall he engaging in any name
calling though and he was REALLY P.O.'d. *grin*

> And if you are really determined to kill
> things,
Now where did I say or imply I wanted to kill something.
Seems my posts have been criticizing millennia old "in the
box" attitudes that inevitably lead to warfare. I have been
urging people to get aware of other's cultures rather than
do the usual control freak thing and impose OUR world view
on them. The only post I have seen out of the box comes from
Claire. ( no insult intended to anyone else, control is a
necessary survival thing)

> my last planting of string beans is overrun with Mexican bean
> beetles (you can work your zenophobia out there)

It's spelled xenophobia. Actually you are engaged in classic
xenophobic behavior as you are obviously engaged in warfare
on this list against philosophies you fear and do not
understand. You are exhibiting classic warfare behavior,
demeaning your enemy, projecting things into his mind that
do not exist there, lashing out in personal behavior you
have accused him of but he has not engaged in, attacking
things you fear but are not here, creating enemies where
there are none, etc.

> And if you aren't
> even a grower, as I suspect,

Again an xenophobic based angry assumption in preparation
for warfare.

We farm 160 acres.

get off the list.

Now you act out in irrational territorialism. You are not
the list owner or administrator yet you order non others
off?  I quote "Although anyone is welcome to join the
list,..." You aren't even in line with list guidelines.

I suggest it may be beneficial to re read the posts you seem
to have been outraged by and understand their contents. I
suggest suppressing transference of tragic personal injuries
you may have suffered on the writers. Projection and
transference are classic foundations for warfare.

example: My father beat me and I hate him but I love him so
I'll transfer my hate to an Enemy and kill him. 

Considering there are at least a dozen contributors to this
thread I suggest a political incompatibility here. Contact
me off list if you want to continue this thread. I am happy
to help you resolve differences and create an interdependent
and peaceful community. Or if you want to scream at me some
more that's fine too.


Marc Nameth

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