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> Is there any market farming going on out there or has this list
> turned into the kind of place kooks like Marc and Kevin work out
> their insecurities by calling people names.

Names ?? Who called anyone names ?

> Hey guys, next time you
> want to call names, go out and pull some weeds.  A good place to work
> out your hostilities.  And if you are really determined to kill
> things, my last planting of string beans is overrun with Mexican bean
> beetles

> (you can work your zenophobia out there)

Did you mean: "xenophobia"  ??????

and by that you mean 'bias', 'provincialism', 'prejudice and or
'intolerance' now who's calling who names albeit in a veiled way. I was
merely pointing out that "LARRY" who doesn't belong to this list was
spitting on our flag then hiding behind it and the blood of all the
Americans that died to keep his freedom secure.

> It won't do much
> good but you can spend all day squishing them.    And if you aren't
> even a grower, as I suspect, get off the list.

Let's see. I own a 1999 JD 7210 MFWD, JD 7000 4W Planter, 21 foot disc,
Monosem 2 Row Pneumatic Precision Planter, Mechanical Transplanter Bedder
Shaper Mulch and Drip Tape Layer. My well produces 150 GPM 24 hours per day
and I've laid 4,900 feet of irrigation pipe. This last growing season I had
1,500 tomato plants, 250 pepper plants, 5 acres of sweet corn, 1/2 acre of
beans, 1 acre of melons, 1 acre of acorn and butternut squash, 20 acres of
sunflowers for fresh sales and seed, 6 acres of pumpkins, 3 acres of
ornamental corn 1/4 acre of broom corn and 2 trailer loads of wheat straw
for fall sales. With the exception of the Pumpkins and Sunflowers all was
grown without the aid of chemicals. I'm now planting about 10 acres of
Spanish Rojo garlic... Does that let me be a grower or am I not big enough
for "your" list?

You can check out my website at http://www.goodearthgardens.com

Hey Leigh... How much do you grow ?

> And speaking of terrorists, I have a real deer problem this year.  I
> have tried just about everything.
> Any magic suggestions?

Yeah how about a 30-06. Works EVERYTIME. After awhile the deer figure out
they don't belong. Works on Terrorists too !

Yes I know everyone on the list is going to say it's time to let things cool
down and everyone get along. I'm all for that.


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