Bomb them with butter, bribe them with hope.

Robert Farr rbfarr at
Fri Sep 21 19:42:42 EDT 2001


You, again, have provided a fabulous explanation of things - this time,
the hows and whys of the political system.

IMHO, here's one of the biggest problems (as you wrote):  "Further, we
have to make sure our own people are educated to think for themselves
and that they are forced to do so, not only
by their educations, but by the system."

I'm not sure people *are* thinking for themselves any more - it
definitely requires a lot of work.  Also a lot of reading.  Why?
Hmmmmmm.  Can't quite say.  But it's certainly easier to allow someone
else to think for you, and a desire for conflict avoidance makes one
reluctant to speak one's mind (not those on this list, 'eh?!?).  So, are
they chicken?  Ill informed?  Scared by the concept of a vengeful God
(how many of our leaders have talked about a "God-fearing society" in
the past two weeks.  God-fearing???  I always thought of God as
benevolent and caring...)?

Any/way, education is the way to wake up the populace.  How?  By
speaking your mind, influencing thought, causing debate, entering the

I'm worried, though (and to paraphrase J.L. Hudson, Seedsman - who
provides traditional and heirloom seeds) that our government, now, is a
virus which spreads its tentacles everywhere in order to perpetuate
itself.  Viruses, of course, try to kill off the other organisms that
would prevent their spread - in this case, any challenge to the system.
This is why the government would not let Nader speak during the debates;
it has limited power to itself.  10,000 representatives - a very
pregnant idea!  But actually getting the system to change - hard to do.

Me, I'll be attending the peace rally and WTO/IMF protests in D.C. next
week.  We need to get the sleeping giant to wake up and listen, really
listen.  I hope they stay as peaceful as they should.
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