Kooks World

Leigh lh at pressroom.com
Fri Sep 21 18:44:11 EDT 2001

Is there any market farming going on out there or has this list 
turned into the kind of place kooks like Marc and Kevin work out 
their insecurities by calling people names.  Hey guys, next time you 
want to call names, go out and pull some weeds.  A good place to work 
out your hostilities.  And if you are really determined to kill 
things, my last planting of string beans is overrun with Mexican bean 
beetles (you can work your zenophobia out there) It won't do much 
good but you can spend all day squishing them.    And if you aren't 
even a grower, as I suspect, get off the list.

And speaking of terrorists, I have a real deer problem this year.  I 
have tried just about everything.  Two nights ago they got in the 
pumpkin patch and ate 15 or so pumpkins.   I have used soap, egg 
solutions, baited electric fence,  They have even started coming 
through the field where I have pastured pigs (and they never do 
that).  Last night one jumped into the pepper patch and got itself 
hung up on the short second fence (I've started double fencing) and 
made a mess of things before breaking loose.

Any magic suggestions?

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