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Robert Farr rbfarr at
Fri Sep 21 16:11:29 EDT 2001

Jill, Jay, and All:

You know, I posted comments about the government and corporate America's
role in this tragedy - that is, by making the people's of the
"developing" world hate us enough to attack us - on the Syracuse Univ.
list serv, and was deluged by hate mail.  (My point is (was) that our
policies of exploitation (monetarily and culturally) have not exactly
been met with open arms.)  I find this response proves an unwillingness
of people to truly take a look at why we were targeted.

This is not to make light of the tragedy - I feel as much as all of you
do.  On a personal level, my family and I are close to ground zero.  Mt.
Weather - where Bush and the administration went (has an underground
bunker, supposedly impervious to nuclear attack) is but a few miles from
my home.  I recently left Arlington (near the Pentagon), and have lived
in the D.C. area all of my life.  My family and friends are here.  The
loss of life...well, it's not enough to say it made me sick.  It made my
heart hurt, and it called into question all those things from humanism
to spirituality.

But we simply have to address these other issues - while at the same
time pursuing Justice.  Will we now curb our colonial tendencies?  Will
we respect other peoples, and listen to their voices?  And will we begin
to listen that which has no voice - the Great Outside, the many-legged
creatures?  Will we shepherd the soil?  Will we learn to respect life?

Those greater issues have been brought to the fore by all of this.  All
those questions need some serious consideration, contemplation, and
answers in the affirmative.

I'm not so sure our institutions - or many of the world's citizens - are
up to the challenge.  And I am concerned.

What's next???

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