Bomb them with butter, bribe them with hope.

Jeffery Blake echoecho at
Fri Sep 21 12:05:24 EDT 2001

I agree that dropping laptops might not help anything, but food might.

There is a difference between the militant radicals and the general

We need to remove the support of the general populace of the militants.

A radical muslim fundamentalist is no differnet than this countries radical
christian fundamentalists.  Its just that when times are good the
satisfied--thinking--average citizen won't support the radical demogogue.

Arabs in many of these countries have seen and heard nothing of america
except its self serving foreign policy, of how rich capitalists grow richer
at the expense of the workers and laborers around the world.  They are
paranoid about the spread of captialism around the world--just like we
were/are paranoid about the spread of communisim.

The average citizen of these third world arab countires currently has no
reason to trust american motives, and is naive enough to listen to religious

"My" study of history showes that when times are lean and hope is down, the
average citizen will side with the whacked out radicals and do things he/whe
would never have considered under normal circumstances.  When they have a
full belly,  hope and a future people don't go around killing thousands of

My analysis in the end---we as a country are partially to blame for this
tradgey.  This terrorist act however, was indefensible for any reason what
so ever, and justice should be demanded.  How to go about this?  We should
not even contemplate a large scale bombing or ground war.  I am glad i'm not
a political leader right now.  I suppose the answer lies in a new foreign
policy and coalition building--similar to whats going on right now.  I think
an international anti-terrorist police force of investegators and special
forces units, etc, might be more effective in the war on terrorism.

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