The terror in (horrible) context -- Part 1

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This is a forward from SANET. Due to its length I’m sending it in four
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Dear Friends and Associates,
Attached is an article I wrote on the current situation.
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Shocked and Horrified

Larry Mosqueda, Ph.D.
The Evergreen State College
September 15, 2001

PART 1 ...............................
	Like all Americans, on Tuesday, 9-11, I was shocked and horrified to
watch the WTC Twin Towers attacked by hijacked planes and collapse,
resulting in the deaths of perhaps up to 10,000 innocent people.

	I had not been that shocked and horrified since January 16, 1991, when
then President Bush attacked Baghdad, and the rest of Iraq and began
killing 200,000 people during that "war" (slaughter). This includes the
infamous "highway of death" in the last days of the slaughter when U.S.
literally shot in the back retreating Iraqi civilians and soldiers. I
continue to be horrified by the sanctions on Iraq, which have resulted
in the death of over 1,000,000 Iraqis, including over 500,000 children,
about whom former Secretary of State Madeline Allbright has stated that
their deaths "are worth the cost".

	Over the course of my life I have been shocked and horrified by a
variety of U.S. governmental actions, such as the U.S. sponsored coup
democracy in Guatemala in 1954 which resulted in the deaths of over
120,000 Guatemalan peasants by U.S. installed dictatorships over the
course of four decades.

	Last Tuesday's events reminded me of the horror I felt when the U.S.
overthrew the governments of the Dominican Republic in 1965 and helped
to murder 3,000 people. And it reminded me of the shock I felt in 1973,
when the U.S. sponsored a coup in Chile against the democratic government
of Salvador Allende and helped to murder another 30,000 people, including
U.S. citizens.

	Last Tuesday's events reminded me of the shock and horror I felt in
1965 when the U.S. sponsored a coup in Indonesia that resulted in the
murder of over 800,000 people, and the subsequent slaughter in 1975 of
250,000 innocent people in East Timor by the Indonesian regime with the
direct complicity of President Ford and Secretary of State Henry

	I was reminded of the shock and horror I felt during the U.S.
sponsored terrorist contra war (the World Court declared the U.S.
government a war criminal in 1984 for the mining of the harbors) against
Nicaragua in
the 1980s which resulted in the deaths of over 30,000 innocent people (or
as the U.S. government used to call them before the term "collateral
damage" was invented--"soft targets").

	I was reminded of being horrified by the U. S. war against the people of
El Salvador in the 1980s, which resulted in the brutal deaths of over
people, or "soft targets".

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