Bomb them with butter, bribe them with hope.

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Thu Sep 20 23:26:49 EDT 2001

It's a cheap shot to pick something out of context to win an

Why did you not quote my:

"If we bonk some Afghani villager in the head with a laptop
on a parachute full of OUR VALUES it's going to do the
It seems he's never met a terrorist cause he calls those
folks "Holy Warriors" or Mujadeen. It is a title of great
and they are heroes over there and have been for well over a
millennium. The Americans and the Israelis and the Russians
are terrorists in his culture. He's seen a few of THOSE evil

Why did you not quote my:

"Maybe the "Carpet the country with magazines and newspapers
showing the horror of terrorism committed by their "guest"
will work. Anyone see the Arabs dancing in the streets last
week? I did. All over the Middle East. Hmmm..  Reckon they
DO know about it. It's not the reaction Tim expected though.
More culture clash."

Why did you not quote my:

"The failure isn't that the folks over there are not
- they are. They simply are not for sale to turn against
their way of life, their leaders, their Allah, over a
thousand years of tradition and culture over a few CD's,
foreign ideas and some butter. Remember, those who lived
among us and exposed everyday were not impressed."

It seems I did FULLY understand Tim's thesis concerning the
common folks!

Out of context cheap shots are gross and I am offended you'd
play this game with my post.

Marc Nameth

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Time, marc at writes: 

   They have lived among us, lifted weights in our gyms,
   our food, watched our TV, read our magazines, worked in
   work places, gone to our schools and they do not seem to 
   have converted to our 
   ways or or side. 

I think the point was not that it would affect the folks who
came here commited to destroying us, but that it would
affect those back in Afghanistan who are ruled
by a government that has taken away their arms and most of
their civil rights.  They are dirt poor and have suffered
through a 4-year drought.  These are the folks
who might be changed by butter... 

Marj ---

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