Bomb them with butter, bribe them with hope.

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Thu Sep 20 21:22:08 EDT 2001

We've been there, done that and still doing it to the tune
billions of dollars per year in the middle east including
the Palestinians. 

It's simple - Tim's idea is IN THE BOX. His mindset is well
defined in the book, "The Ugly American". See the following
websites for references to the original book:

William J. Lederer & Eugene Burdick - THE UGLY AMERICAN 1958 

Sure enough 1958!! It's unthinkable for folks who have some
job in diplomatic and leadership roles who interact with
different cultures not to have read it.

I am sure Tim is full of love, well meaning and the milk of
human kindness but this dog won't hunt cause it has numerous
classic fatal flaws (I'll leave it at two):

He doesn't consider their culture and is projecting his
culture on them.

The terrorists who chose to hijack and crash those planes
last week seem to be idealistic, privileged, multi-lingual,
young, intelligent, strong, confident, with years of
training and some with advanced college degrees and
exemplary grades. It is a hoax that only the older Arab
generation is angry about the influx of Western influence.

They have lived among us, lifted weights in our gyms, eaten
our food, watched our TV, read our magazines, worked in our
work places, gone to our schools and they do not seem to
have converted to our
ways or or side. The ones who complete pilot training could
have started with airlines at very high wages and retired at
a rather young age.

They have plenty of butter and hope.

Could THEIR HOPE be as THEY SAY - destroying us as the Great
Whore, Satan, Head of the Snake, Anti-Christ, etc. Culture

If we bonk some Afghani villager in the head with a laptop
on a parachute
full of OUR VALUES it's going to do the trick?
It seems he's never met a terrorist cause he calls those
"Holy Warriors" or Mujadeen. It is a title of great respect
and they are heroes over there and have been for well over a
millennium. The Americans and the Israelis and the Russians
are terrorists in his culture. He's seen a few of THOSE evil

The act of converting their thinking is heresy punishable by
death. More culture clash.

Maybe the "Carpet the country with magazines and newspapers
showing the horror of terrorism committed by their "guest"
will work. Anyone see the Arabs dancing in the streets last
week? I did. All over the Middle East. Hmmm..  Reckon they
DO know about it. It's not the reaction Tim expected though.
More culture clash.

I could go on but this is a classic culture clash. Thinking
out of the box first requires a person understand who he's
dealing with for starters. Projecting egocentric concepts
into places where those concepts have already been in action
for decades and failed indicates we're still in the box.

The failure isn't that the folks over there are not grateful
- they are. They simply are not for sale to turn against
their way of life, their leaders, their Allah, over a
thousand years of tradition and culture over a few CD's,
foreign ideas and some butter. Remember, those who lived
among us and exposed everyday were not impressed.

We are facing a determined, unafraid, intelligent and
capable enemy with significant integrity IN HIS VALUE
SYSTEM. I suggest underestimating him is a BAD idea and as
bad as misunderstanding his value system..

We can answer Marcies question: "What do you suppose would
happen if this was to be our response?"

We saw their response last week in New York. We don't have
to wonder anymore as we have been "bombing" them with Tim's
paradigm for decades. 

They answered in clear language spoken by people that are
heroes to them and danced in the street in such glee their
leaders had to suppress the press reports.

Marc Nameth

Marcie Rosenzweig wrote:
> Hi Folks,
> Most of you know how much I appreciate out-of-the-box thinking.  What
> do you suppose would happen if this was to be our response?
> Marcie

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