Bomb them with butter, bribe them with hope.

Ron Malor rmalor at
Thu Sep 20 18:59:04 EDT 2001

Hi Group,

Well it's refreshing to hear views like this coming out of the US after the 
recent very tragic events. Positively bloody enlightened. However won't 
work. Reasons:

1. Lousy TV. Dropping a 1000 kg of butter on Afganistan isn't nearly as 
spectacular on the evening news as a laser guided bomb.
2. Wouldn't satisfy those in various influential circles whose testosterone 
levels subscribe to "I love the smell of napalm in the morning".
3. The profit margin for those who manufacture military hardware would, I 
suspect, be a lot less for dropping a 1000 kg load of butter (hopefully 
with a parachute) that a 1000 kg all singing, all dancing laser guided bomb.

Marcie's comments pleasingly indicate (to us non US people) that rational 
and far sighted thought can occur over there. Whether it can influence 
anything is, of course, another matter.

By the way, I must have blinked because I just can't recall seeing any UN 
debate or Security Council resolutions on this. Did I miss it??

Ron Malor

'Redbank Grazing'
Mole Creek
Northern Tasmania

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