rabbit tractors

marc at aculink.net marc at aculink.net
Mon Sep 17 22:26:41 EDT 2001

I've missed part of the thread here, so not sure if anyone
else mentioned it.  You might check in Joel Salatin's book
"You Can Farm" - he has a chapter on rabbits, but as I
recall from my search nothing specific on rabbit pasture
pen/tractor design.  

Also, there was an article "Down on This Farm" about a year
ago in Smithsonian magazine that had pictures of some of his
ventures too.  Here's an online copy - but it doesn't have
as much info as the hard copy.

Marcy Nameth

> Liz Pike wrote:
> I've seen designs like this and read of them, but have
> lost all my info.  Searching has turned up no luck.
> Thanks for looking Marc!
> Liz
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