Estimating Yield for Garlic and Onions

Kris Chand kchand at
Mon Sep 17 15:37:48 EDT 2001

We have been growing garlic for the last five years. "yield per pound" of
seed garlic is very difficult to determine because the size of the bulb
and the number of cloves vary a lot. we use the bulb as the base. Each
bulb has more perdictable number of cloves/bulb that gives you the number
of cloves that you can plant. For hard neck Spanish Roja ( similiar to
German Red) we use 7.5 cloves per bulb.

Here in BC, all seed garlic is sold by the bulb- not pound. We have some
seed garlic available for sale  - limited amount. If you need some , you
can sent a message or call. We are certified organic market farm.
Hope this helps.
Kris Chand
Blue Heron Farm

Allan Balliett wrote:

> Can someone help me estimate the yield-per-pound-of-seed for (German)
> garlic or yellow onion sets?
> Another way to ask this question is: how many heads of seed garlic in
> a pound, how many 'bulbs' of yellow onion sets in a pound.
> Knowing this would help me greatly because I'm stuck in mail-order
> mode for these items.
> Thanks
> -Allan Balliett
> Loudoun Co, VA
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