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dear list....JUST IN CASE someone out there knows someone who knows someone in Mississippi who is interested in growing medicinal herbs on a field scale (half acre and larger) project is looking for growers for the 2001-2002 growing seasons (note the plural, some of these medicinals can be sown in fall or spring or summer)......

we provide free seed or plugs (these are often quite costly), as well as planting and harvesting equipment to attach to grower's tractor, plus a stipend if crop is harvested (we also help grower market and they keep all the money from sales)

I have exhausted my own network and am still hoping for AT LEAST ONE GROWER - there are a number of different medicinals to choose from, depending on grower's situation.

These may be grown conventionally or organically or something in between, doesn't matter to the project (though I personally would love to see it done organically and clearly, to me, that is the way to go with medicinals, plus better market price, any way is fine with project director)

please reply to me privately, not on listserve - i am the horticulturist on staff at this project (contact nan at stewart at for more details)

Grower does NOT need to be a full time grower to long as you have the 1/2 acre or more of decent land (doesnt' have to be perfect but must be flat enough to use our planter, etc.) and access to water for irrigation.

Example of medicinals to be grown:  catnip, feverfew, valerian

thanks SO MUCH you guys!
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