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Fri Sep 7 08:09:14 EDT 2001

If you're lucky enough to have good channery silt loam gardens and fields, 
have a fossil hunt.  Young people can keep any fossils they find, but every 
rock they examine has to be transported to the rock pile, not just dumped 
back into the garden.  They can also select rocks for rock painting.

Laying compost and mulch onto raised beds in preparation for winter?  Make 
it into a relay race with teams and ribbons as prizes.

If allowing visitors to interact with animals make sure beforehand that your 
insurance coverage covers you.  I took a "petting zoo" rider, which cost 
only an additional $30 per year.

Acorn squash roasts just like the potatoes described in another post.  A big 
pot of bean soup over an outside fire and a late-season salad will 
demonstrate a yummy and complete vegetarian meal.  Check with health 
department regulations before serving any food, though.

Dori Green
Corning, NY

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